Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Visting family in Orem

Last week, on Wed the 22th I had to go to Orem for training for my job, so Apryl and I went up north to visit my parents who happen to live right across from the training place. We had a really nice time.

Here they are cooking a Bolivian dish for us.

Apryl was really tired after the drive, so before dinner
she slept for a little while.

Grandpa Ely was holding her while we were eating..... Now you can see
that Apryl is graving everything that gets close to her.

My sister Andrea was introducing her dog sasha to Apryl.
Apryl thought that sasha was really interesting looking. :-)

Nice rest after a really yummy dinner.

There is Grandpa Edgar, he usually doesn't like to be
on the pictures hahaha. gotcha daddy :-)

Apryl and auntie Andrea

Andrea was going to be baby sitting Apryl the next morning, so she was
practicing feeding Apryl her bottle. Good job Andreina!!