Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Haircut

Last month we decided to cut Apryl's hair....her bangs were getting too long.....she was a good girl staying still for mommy... Before and...


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pine Valley

We also went camping a lot...the place we liked the most was Pine Valley Mountain...it was nice up there even though it rained on us for a little while....we had a great time camping and fishing.

On our way up there...beautiful rainbow
The next day was a beatiful sunny day...

HI DADDY!!! ready to get some fishies
Daddy fishing..didn't get any that day....
Our tent....yeah Apryl is eating Doritos ..:-)

Mountain Meadows walk

During this past summer we went to a lot of new places to walk...we enjoyed the outdoors and now that Apryl is a pro on walking she likes to got out a lot too...these pics are from Mountain Meadows...its really close to St. George.
Apryl and daddy walking on the trail

Of course we needed a break...it was hot

Made to the top

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I know there is no excuse to not blog....but really we were super busy this summer so here I am now updating our blog with new pics....Apryl is 15 months now , she is growing so fast...she is now walking and saying cute small words like shusss (shoes) and more....we are all doing really great...we had so much fun this past summer ...we went camping, boating, and traveled to Seattle, WA for our anniversary so stay tuned for more cute pics.....

Apryl walking her dog.

Trying out new shoes (daddy's shoes)

Eating Spaghetti

She definitely loves computers

Loving Bananas & Dew

Yeah....Apryl loves to eat bananas.......you can's stop her lol :-)

Oh...also she loves Mountain Dew... like her daddy