Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas and New Year fun

We had the best Christmas with our little Apryl, here are more pictures of our festivities, we spent Chritsmas with my parents and extended family and New Years with the DeMille family. Apryl got really, really spoiled........ Sorry there will be a ton of pictures for just this one post.

New Years with the DeMilles

We spent New Years Eve and New Years day with the DeMille family. Apryl then got to open more presents....:-) She got new books, she loves when we read to her.
New pajamas! sorry Thais, she saw the hangers first :-)

Some cute sippy cups.

New pink dress ( thanks aunt sarah)

Grandma Colleen made jewerly for me, and I also got stuff
to make my nails look pretty, new calendar, new pijamas and a gift
certificate from Kohls.

Daddy got a new Mountain Dew shirt, he loves that. He also
got some gift certificates to Best Buy, Olive garden which
also includes free baby sitting ( thanks sarah),
The simpsons session 10, and our first startet kit
for food storage.

Playing with sparklers

We played outside with some sparklers, the pictures came out really cool.

This one is an awesome W baby

Bowling at Fat Cats

We went bowling with my parents, it was their first time. They had so much fun, specially my mom, she got some of the highest scores.

Los abuelos

Twins for one day

Look at my bowling shoes ( andrea said)

Forrest and el abuelo Edgar also played pool.

After playing we went to Olive Garden to celebrate Forrest's B-day

Playing Bingo on Christmas Day

We got together with my extended family at the tio JC's house. We played four games of Bingo.

Tia Maria wom

Tio Jc was shouting the numbers

Apryl and tia Gaby

The three new babies in the family

For the past year three new babies came to the Sueldo Family.... here is apryl meeting her new cousing for the first time.

Lucy, Holden and Apryl.

I think Holden was invading Apryl's buble.