Friday, October 31, 2008


It was Apryl's first Halloween.. how exciting, we had the best time dressing her up, she was the cutest pumpkin. I am so anxious for next year when she will be running around trick r treating with us.

Apryl wanted to try mommy's wig hahaha

At work... Rosy, Reyna and me.

OUR COSTUMES: Grandpa was the King, Grandma was a warrior, Andrea was a pirate and I was a french maid with my purple wig,....

to the left you can see Forrest the missionary gone wild and....

our favorite and cute pumpkin..... Apryl


at the Red Cliff Mall.
Auntie Sarah was a hippie

Apryl got a lot of candy for us :-)

It was fun to walk around the mall in our costumes.
My dad got the most attention, because everyone called him
the Burger King King.
( Would you give me a whopper daddy??) jk

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Forrest, Apryl and I carved more pumpkins at home.

Here is Daddy and Apryl

Apryl helping mommy.

Here she is trying out her new booster.

What do you thing about our pumpkins??? Forrest carved the bat and I carved the other one.


First..... Andrea and I carved pumpkins.

Grandpa Edgar and Apryl were just playing :-)

Here is Andrea getting ready to carve her pumpkin.

Great job andreina, the skull looks really cool.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still awake

Yeah, I am working on this blog and guess who is still awake?..... Apryl. She is usually a really good sleeper because she sleeps through the nigth, the only thing is when she goes to bed.. at 12 or 1 a.m.. I guess tonight she just wants to see mommy working on the blog. :-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Apryl getting ready for bed.

My mom and Andrea bathed Apryl................ she likes the water so much you have no idea.

Here my mom putting Apryl's new black shoes.

Of course, resting after her bath.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Visting family in Orem

Last week, on Wed the 22th I had to go to Orem for training for my job, so Apryl and I went up north to visit my parents who happen to live right across from the training place. We had a really nice time.

Here they are cooking a Bolivian dish for us.

Apryl was really tired after the drive, so before dinner
she slept for a little while.

Grandpa Ely was holding her while we were eating..... Now you can see
that Apryl is graving everything that gets close to her.

My sister Andrea was introducing her dog sasha to Apryl.
Apryl thought that sasha was really interesting looking. :-)

Nice rest after a really yummy dinner.

There is Grandpa Edgar, he usually doesn't like to be
on the pictures hahaha. gotcha daddy :-)

Apryl and auntie Andrea

Andrea was going to be baby sitting Apryl the next morning, so she was
practicing feeding Apryl her bottle. Good job Andreina!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bowling with Rey

On Monday night we went bowling at the Brentwood Bowling alley in Hurricane, UT.

Forrest got the highest score......... good job baby.

Rey was teaching Apryl .... cute!!!!

Fiesta Fun

We went to Fiesta Fun to play............


Apryl was riding the motorcycle


The race just for Rey and Forrest


Mommy and Apryl ready to play

She loves to slide.


Thank you Rey for coming we had so much, love you.