Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apryl's ear piercing

We went to the Mall with our friend Rosy to have Apryl's ear pierced. It was hard to see her cry, but she was really strong and now she looks really cute with earings on.

Before the piercing, she didnt know what was happening.

Here is the girl from the store marking her ears, it had to be right in the middle.

Here she is after the piercing, she was a little mad at me.

I chose the 14kt white gold pink flower.

Apryl and Rosy.


Fawsons said...

oh so cute! I haven't pierced Nivia's because that would be another thing that I would have to take care of. Apryl looks super cute though.

mmdemille said...

She is a Cutie!

j said...

Carla I just found your blog through Tawni's, your little girl is so cute. Are you still working at the Smiths Branch? I hope everything is going well for you and your little family!!