Monday, April 6, 2009

Last weeks of March

Well...March went by so fast, here are some pictures of our recent activities..we mostly done everything on the weekends, its easier because Forrest and I have it off and the weather has been really, really nice.

enjoy ...

Los abuelos visiting

My parents came down to visit on the 21st, we had a great time swimming.

El abuelito Edgar and AprylThe fam..we were missing Forrest and ReyApryl was really tired after playing in the water

Random pictures

Apryl is starting to crawled and pulling herself up so she is now getting into things, she is a really smart little girl.. Open wide mom!!! yeap, she was feeding me :-)
Here is she trying to go around the table

Oh no, the stuff animals...Forrest used to have this in alphabetical order :-), not anymore

Here is Apryl and Molly ( grandma colleen's new dog)