Monday, June 29, 2009

Time went fast !!! we are again!!!! Sorry for being so busy all the time to not able to update this blog... a lot happen this past 3 months....I will start with a few pics from April, May and more from June. Apryl turned 1 on May 30th, so we had a huge birthday party( see pics). Well before I give away all the fun telling you about every month.... how about if you check it for yourself..enjoy and stay tuned.....

My B-day on Apryl 17th

For my Birthday...the three of us went to Kanab, UT. We went to the Dog town place and had a really good time. Apryl loves animals so she had a blast there... she also got sick with a cold.. poor her....her nose was really runny and she was fussy. The Dog town is a really cool place to visit, they do free tours and you can also participate and be a volunteer. We had fun!!!

Yeah!! dogs were not the only animals in the farm..

They have special made homes for cats too...there were a ton of cats.

more fun...

Kanab is a really beautiful place..
This horse has a prosthetic leg...

Birthday dinner!!! yummy

Here is our little girl sicky....the day we were coming home.