Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Everyone opening their presents

We had the best time of our lives. Apryl's first Christmas!!!
Apryl got: clothes ( dresses, coats, shoes),
toys ( a new pony, a turtle, a new piano)
and much, much more. She got spoiled.
For Daddy we got him a new radio for the car which can play usbs, a
new computer game ( Grand Theft Auto),
some house shoes and clothes.

We got for my brother Rey the sword and the shield
of King Leonidas; from the movie 300.

For Andrea we got her a new purse, some perfume and
movie tickets.

My Dad got a pair of pants and a sweater. The vest was
sent from my sister Paola from Bolivia.
My Mom also got a bunch clothes. We got her some books
from her favorite writer ( Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Even Sasha got some presents, a duck toy,
doggy treats, she was really excited.

And.... I got a lot of new clothes, jewerly and a flat iron for my hair.