Monday, November 24, 2008

Tag I'm it!

Well,I took me a lot time to remember what I did "10 years ago"

- Let see..... 10 years ago I was still living in La Paz, Bolivia

- I was a senior in High School

- I loved to go dancing with my friends

- I was learning German, my dream was to be able to travel to Germany

- Didn't happen, because I came to the U.S.

" 5 Things to do on my list today" (or tomorrow)

- unpack my and Apryl's clothes

- put all the clothes away

- bathe Apryl (tomorrow)

- pay some bills online

- pick up our halloween pictures from Sears

"5 Snacks I enjoy"

- Chips and Salsa

- Popcorn

- Snickers

- Maria Cookies , they are really good

- Kit-kat

"5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire"

- travel to Bolivia again, but this time take Apryl with us

- buy a house... no more rent :-)

- pay off debt

- go back to school

- help our families & start my own business

"5 Places I've lived"

- La Paz. Bolivia (19years)

- Orem, UT

- Provo, UT

- Peru (for only one month)

- St. George, UT

"5 Jobs I've had"

- Albertsons

- Teller

- Convergys

- Printing Resources

- Teller/ Supervisor

"I tag"

- Robyn

- Bianca

- Tawni

- Mele

- Jaime H.

Rules: Each person answers the question themselves. At the end, tag 5 people and post their names.


mmdemille said...

How are you? Looks like it's time to update your blog :)