Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apryl's first picnic

We went to have our first picnic with Apryl at the park She loves to play with Daddy
It was a nice day to be outside.
After eating and playing Forrest and Apryl took a nap
She enjoyed being on the grass

It was the first time that Apryl was happy laying on her tummy. She usually cries , but not today... she was happy.

Apryl was having so much fun playing on the slides.

She went down by herself, well... with a little help from mommy.

Then we walked through the tunnel.

She was smiling for Daddy all day long. We had the best time at the park.


Hillier said...

Those are sure cute pictures, it looks like she had fun on the picnic!!

The Fonville Clan! said...

Cute pictures and blog..You guys are such a cute family..

Mom G said...

How wonderful to have such a nice record of your activities. Apryl will love looking at this some day. She is adorable!
Aunt Barbara

Fawsons said...

Hi this is Bridgett, Josh and I have a blog also. It's:
Cute pictures! Wish we could have seen you guys last weekend.

The Gibsons said...

This is really cute. Apryl is adorable. You will have so much fun creating your blog and we will enjoy watching Apryl grow. Have Fun.