Friday, May 30, 2008

Apryl's Birth

On May 30th, 2008 after 4 days of Apryl's due date we went to the Hospital in St. George just to have an ultrasound done. We came to find out that my fluid levels were really low, so they told us that we had to stay and that Apryl was going to be born on this date. I was going to get induced. We were excited and scared at the same time, because we were not ready, everything was at home and, you know, everything was so new to us. After the checkup we went to a new room and started to get ready, I changed into my robe and they got me hoocked up to all the new monitors. I was not sure if I was going to get an epidiral, but after the first half hour of contractions Forrest requested it for me. :-)

I was only dilated 5 cm around 8 pm, so the nurses thought that Apryl was going to be born the next day on the 31rst, but the contractions got stronger and by 1 am I was already close to 10 cm. Apryl was born at 2:11 am, she was 8 lbs. 5oz and 20 inches long. At first she got fluids in her lungs, we were scared because she didn't cry as hard as we were expecting, everything was so fast that the respiratory team came right away after she was born and they started to suck the fluids out of her lungs.

This is in the ultrasound room, they were checking the fluid levels.
Here I am all ready for the birth. I was calling my parents to let them know about the news

Forrest and I around 10 pm

Apryl was in our room the whole time when the respiratory nurses where helping her to breathe

Forrest went with Apryl to the ICU, and he said that she didn't let the nurse plug the tubes in her nose, she was wrestling with the nurse.

Apryl and mommy: " Our first picture together"

Forrest and Apryl

Apryl about 12 hours after birth

Apryl and Grandma Colleen

Apryl and Grandma Quiroz